Who we are

My name is Luciana, my Inn “Osteria Zia Valentina” began with solid foundations that I had been nurturing for all my life.

I am from Morfasso, like most of the people who contribute with me, working at the Inn, day by day,
Snowfall after snowfall, bloom after bloom. This is where I want to work and where we are happy to greet whoever wants to come to the Inn.

After so many years passed working at Milan, Paris and Piacenza, I decided to return to my origins. To be brave and risk opening my Inn that had always been in my dream.

The beautiful Inn that you see today was once the home of my aunty “Valentina”. A strong woman with a lovely soul that for years guided her family through the sacrificies and the fatigue of life in the mountains.

When I would go to visit her, I was always greeted with homemade bread just baked in the oven just outside of the Inn that is still functionable today. We would sit and chat in front of the fire place that we still use in the Inn.

She would always find a kind word to say and have a gentle smile on her face. She was an inspiration for everyone.
So in 2017, with my families blessing, I finally followed my dreams and opened the doors of my Inn “Osteria Zia Valentina” in my home town Morfasso.

I have to say thou that there isn’t just me. I am just one of the ingredients of the recipe of my Inn “Osteria Zia Valentina”.

All that you see and that you like is also due to my staff.

Those who put heart and soul into their work, who love the location like me, who treat and serve the guest like best hosts, who cook as if they are cooking for their families.

Those who are happy to see people from our home town and hope to make them happy.

It is to them that you feel at home and I work with a smile on my face because I know that I can depend on each one of them.
Not all of them are my relatives but it is as if they are. Infact we are; a big, crazy, enlarged, atypical family full of love. Who are waiting for you with open arms,

Luciana and family.

PS. Giovanni, my husband, skillfully portrayed by my sister in the photo, is a fundamental part of the group. He is alive and well but unfortunately was not present while taking this photo.